Table of Contents & Sound Files

Soprano, Vol. 1

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
A Birthday (2016)Kari Cruver MedinaC4-G5
Dreams (2020)Logan VrankovićE4-G5
Eight O’Clock (2018)Stephen JacksonE4-G5
Faces (2020)Karen WemhoenerC4-G5
Flirt (2020)Garth BaxterC4-F5
I Had a Dove (2018)Lucy ShirleyB3-F5
I Thought I Was Not Alone (2016)Elyse KahlerD4-E5
I wrote his name along the beach (2008)Richard Pearson ThomasE4-F♯5
I’ll Tell you how the Sun rose (2007)Jay VoskC♯4-B5
In Vain (2017)Scott GendelD4-F♯5
Joy (2006)Dawn SonntagD4-G5
Love is (2014)Emerson EadsC4-F5
Make Me a Picture of the Sun (2015)Michael KropfC4-G5
The Milky Way (1996)David ConteC4-G5
My Dear (2020)Franklin HansenC4-G5
Rocker (2018)Paul SalerniE4-A5
Sea Shell (2020)Erik FranklinF4-G5
When You Are Old (2017)Lori LaitmanD♭4-A♭5
Where the Lilies Come (2018)Hayley TurnerB3-G5
Yes, I’m truly a dunce (2018)Seamus FlynnB3-F5

Soprano, Vol. 2

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Air Castles (2018)Michael McAndrewC4-A5
Barter (2018)Clint BorzoniC4-B♭5
A bird came down the walk (2007)Jay VoskC♯4-B5
Bird of Light (2019)Liam MooreB3-B5
Bright Star (2018)Lucy ShirleyD3-D4
February: Remembering Summer (2020)Joseph RubinsteinC♯4-A5
For All the Saints (2020)Delvyn CaseF♯4-A♭5
For Love is Life (2008)Lee KesselmanC4-F5
Ghost Light (2019)Nicolas BenavidesB♭4-A♭5
In a Goolagong Bog (2017)Judith CloudF♯4-F5
Mondnacht (2013)Kurt EricksonB3-G5
Mourning Dove (2015)Andrew ListD♯4-A5
Night Song at Amalfi (2005)Dawn SonntagE4-A5
O she doth teach the torches to burn bright (2011)Sheila SilverC4-G5
The Singer from Wisconsin (2020)Meg HuskinC4-A5
Sleeping River (2004)Dorothy ChangC4-A5
Song in Air (2020)Jodi GobleC4-A5
Taste of Potato (2019)Paul SalerniF4-A5
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls (2006)Jean-Paul PerrotteF4-G5
When We Grow Old (2015)Emerson EadsB♭4-G5

Mezzo-Soprano, Vol. 1

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
But I cannot forget (2017)Rachel Devore FogartyF4-F5
Expletive Song (2019)Lucy ShirleyD4-F5
The Fox and the Crow (2020)Maria Thompson CorleyD4-F5
The Fox and the Goat (2020)Maria Thompson CorleyD4-D5
In Fountain Court (2018)Joseph Dubois D♯4-F♯5
In Vain (2018)Dave RaglandB♭3-B♭4
Kudzu (2010)Kenneth FrazelleA3-D5
Listen (2012)Scott GendelC4-D5
A Long Sad Song (2016)Quinn MasonA3-C5
A Lover (2020)Matthew ShreveE4-F5
Lullaby (2017)Wayland RogersC4-E♭5
Lullaby for Thessaly (2019)David Evan ThomasB3-B4
Orpheus (2016)Daniel GilliamA♭3-E♭5
Pierrot (2017)Jodi GobleB♭3-E5
Pondering Twilight (2020)Michael ChingG3-F5
The Silver Swan (2007)Lori LaitmanC4-A♭5
Speaking Softly with you (2015)Thomas PasatieriD4-G5
The Tyger (2018)Ian WieseE4-E5
Warm Summer Sun (2015)Leonard Mark LewisA3-C♯5
Weavers (2020)Erik FranklinD4-F♯5

Mezzo-Soprano, Vol. 2

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Apartment (2018)Paul SalerniA♭3-G5
Blessing (2019)Carol BarnettB3-F5
A Coat (2016)Max JohnsonB3-E5
Dinner in the Courtyard (2019)Bruce TrinkleyD♭4-F5
Echo (2016)Kari Cruver MedinaG3-D♯5
Frenzy of Reason (2016)Quinn MasonC4-F♯5
Hist Whist (2019)Gregory ZavrackyF4-G5
In Love with the Sky (2017)Mark AbelA3-F5
It’s All I Have to Bring Today (2018)Leonard Mark LewisA3-D5
A Letter to Fanny Brawne (2018)Lucy ShirleyD4-E5
Low Tide (2019)Kurt EricksonB♭3-F5
My Brother (2017)Wayland Rodgers C4-E♭5
November 1994 (2017)Garth Baxter C♯4-F♯5
On Being Interrupted (2019)Rebekah DriscollA♭3-D5
The Road and the End (2019)Evan MackB♭3-B♭5
Rose (2016)Jeremy GillB♭3-A♭5
Sea Poppies (2016)Rachel DeVore FogartyE♭4-F5
Seagull You Lull Me (2015)Andrew ListB3-B♭5
See it was like this when (2020)John McIntyreB♭3-E5
She Sings (2018)David Evan ThomasC4-E5

Tenor, Vol. 1

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Amarilli mia Bella (2018)Judith CloudD3-F4
Bang (2017)Ben JustisE3-G♯4
Calon Lân (2013)David Evan ThomasF3-F4
Candles in the Wilderness (2000)David ConteB♭3-G4
Dalliance of Butterflies (2017)Logan LarsonE3-G4
The Gift to Sing (2020)Bruce TrinkleyF3-E4
Gonna Build You A House (2021)Scott JoinerE3-F♯4
I have a secret in my heart (2008)Richard Pearson ThomasE3-F4
Little Lamb (2015)Robbie LaBancaG3-G4
Love in Spring (2018)Joseph DuboisF3-E♭4
On the Hillside (2020)Patrick VuD♭3-G♭4
The Rhine (2019)Daniel ArmstrongE♭3-G4
A Rhyme of the Snowdrop (2015)Justin Henry RubinD3-E♭4
The Rose and the Bee (2017)Gregory ZavrackyD3-G♭4
The Sparrow (2012)Gary Powell NashF3-A4
Travel (2015)Garth BaxterD3-A4
Troubled Jesus – Crucified (2020)Dave RaglandE3-E4
When My Dream Was Near the Moon (2020)Stephen JacksonF3-A♭4
Who Has Seen the Wind (2017)Quinn MasonD♭3-G4
You Know This (2011)Lori LaitmanE♭3-F4

Tenor, Vol. 2

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Big Joe Cloud (2005)Eric MoeB2-A4
Canary (2017)Luke MayernikD3-G♯5
De Profundis (2018)Quinn MasonE♭3-A♭4
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (2013)Joseph StillwellD3-A♭4
I Believe (2016)Dave RaglandC3-A♭4
I, One of Many (2019)Felix JarrarG3-A♭4
Land and Sea (2017) Ben JustisF3-G4
The Mower’s Song (2015)David Evan ThomasE♭3-A♭5
My Cathedral (2018)Eric ChoateE3-G4
My House (2020)Elaine FineE♭3-G5
Now I am on the earth (2017)Justin Henry RubinC♯3-F4
A Poet To His Beloved (2017)Logan VrankovićD♯3-G4
A Quiet AlleluiaAdam BurnetteD3-F♯4
A Sea Dream (2020)Joseph DuboisE3-G4
Simply Love Them (2009)Andrea ClearfieldE♭3-B♭5 (Tenor)
B♭2-E4 (Bar.)
Sleepy Stars (2021)Scott JoinerD♭3-G4
Spring Dreams (2016)Justin Henry RubinC♯3-F4
There Will Be Rest (2020)Benjamin CarterF3-F♯4
Wild Night (2017)Logan LarsonF♯3-A4
Yesterday (2019)Matt FreyF3-G4

Baritone, Vol. 1

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Bonnie Blue Eyes (2000)Kenneth FrazelleA♭2-E4
Compensation (2011)Marques L.A. GarrettC3-C4
Dunbar (2021)Joseph D. DanielC♯3-C♯4
The Fox and the Grapes (2020)Maria Thompson CorleyD3-D4
The Giver of Stars (2020)Daniel GilliamB2-F4
God Heareth Prayer (2018)Jason BahrB2-E♭4
In August (2017)Rachel Devore FogartyC3-F4
Invitation to Love (2020)Reed CriddleC3-D4
It Was A Lover (2019)M. Ryan TaylorB♭2-E♭4
A Late Walk (2020)Patrick VuB♭2-E♭4
The Lee-Rig (2020)Bruce TrinkleyC3-D4
No Other But Thee (2018)Khyle B. WootenD3-D4
Pizza Paean (2020)Stefania de KenesseyA♭2-D♭4
Plowmen (2019)Carle WirshbaB♭2-D♭4
Prayer at Winter Solstice (2020)Paul SalerniC3-E♭4
Prime (2013)Liam MooreD3-E4
Sleep Little Child (2003)Lori LaitmanC2-E♭4
Trees (2020)Del’Shawn TaylorA2-F4
Troubled Jesus – Crucified (2020)Dave RaglandC3-C4
Your Little Voice (2003)Douglas FiskD3-D4

Baritone, Vol. 2

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Beyond the Stars (2018)Jason BahrC3-D4
A Clear Midnight (2002)David LudwigG2-E♭4
Dark House (2018)Joseph DuboisA♭2-C4
A Decade (2013)Liam MooreA2-G♭4
If you had known (2020)Garth BaxterD3-F4
In Despair (2017)Clint BorzoniB2-E4
L’Ennemi (2020)Reed CriddleB♭2-D4
A Little More Perfect (2015)Evan MackB2-F4
The Prairie Opens Wide (2017)Ben JustisC2-C3
Quilt (2003)David ConteD3-E4
Sigh No More (2019)M. Ryan TaylorC2-F4
Simply Love Them (2009)Andrea ClearfieldE♭3-B♭5 (Tenor)
B♭2-E4 (Bar.)
A Song Left to be Sung (2015)Garrison GerardB♭2-G♭4
Song of Myself (2017)Paula KimperG2-E4
To be Calm, To be Serene (1998, rev. 2020)Sheila SilverB♭2-D4
Two Kinds of Love Songs (2018)Chester BiscardiB2-B3
What We Did Not Know (2014)Scott GendelG2-D4
When Summer Goes (2018)Khyle B. WootenC3-F4
When We Leave (2015)Deanna WehrspannD3-F4
When You are Old (2019)Jeremy BeckG♯2-F♯4