Modern Music for New Singers

Scores are sold as PDF downloads, and will contain a small watermark with your name and date of purchase on each page. Schools and libraries can request professionally printed copies from our Printed Scores for Institutions page.

Each anthology features:

  • 20 songs written for each voice type
  • Text, IPA for foreign language songs, and select program notes by the composers
  • Song ranges
  • Composer information
  • Song texts

Recordings by age-appropriate voices for all Volume 1 songs are constantly being updated. It is important for developing singers to hear repertoire sung by young singers to help them learn and embrace their own voice without trying to emulate the voices of professional singers.

Click on any song that has a link to hear a recording. New recordings are being added all the time so be sure to check back often! Clicking on the composers name will take you to the composer’s website.

Tenor, Vol. 1

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Amarilli mia Bella (2018)Judith CloudD3-F4
Bang (2017)Ben JustisE3-G♯4
Calon Lân (2013)David Evan ThomasF3-F4
Candles in the Wilderness (2000)David ConteB♭3-G4
Dalliance of Butterflies (2017)Logan LarsonE3-G4
The Gift to Sing (2020)Bruce TrinkleyF3-E4
Gonna Build You A House (2021)Scott JoinerE3-F♯4
I have a secret in my heart (2008)Richard Pearson ThomasE3-F4
Little Lamb (2015)Robbie LaBancaG3-G4
Love in Spring (2018)Joseph DuboisF3-E♭4
On the Hillside (2020)Patrick VuD♭3-G♭4
The Rhine (2019)Daniel ArmstrongE♭3-G4
A Rhyme of the Snowdrop (2015)Justin Henry RubinD3-E♭4
The Rose and the Bee (2017)Gregory ZavrackyD3-G♭4
The Sparrow (2012)Gary Powell NashF3-A4
Travel (2015)Garth BaxterD3-A4
Troubled Jesus – Crucified (2020)Dave RaglandE3-E4
When My Dream Was Near the Moon (2020)Stephen JacksonF3-A♭4
Who Has Seen the Wind (2017)Quinn MasonD♭3-G4
You Know This (2011)Lori LaitmanE♭3-F4

Tenor, Vol. 2

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Big Joe Cloud (2005)Eric MoeB2-A4
Canary (2017)Luke MayernikD3-G♯5
De Profundis (2018)Quinn MasonE♭3-A♭4
He Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven (2013)Joseph StillwellD3-A♭4
I Believe (2016)Dave RaglandC3-A♭4
I, One of Many (2019)Felix JarrarG3-A♭4
Land and Sea (2017) Ben JustisF3-G4
The Mower’s Song (2015)David Evan ThomasE♭3-A♭5
My Cathedral (2018)Eric ChoateE3-G4
My House (2020)Elaine FineE♭3-G5
Now I am on the earth (2017)Justin Henry RubinC♯3-F4
A Poet To His Beloved (2017)Logan VrankovićD♯3-G4
A Quiet AlleluiaAdam BurnetteD3-F♯4
A Sea Dream (2020)Joseph DuboisE3-G4
Simply Love Them (2009)Andrea ClearfieldE♭3-B♭5 (Tenor)
B♭2-E4 (Bar.)
Sleepy Stars (2021)Scott JoinerD♭3-G4
Spring Dreams (2016)Justin Henry RubinC♯3-F4
There Will Be Rest (2020)Benjamin CarterF3-F♯4
Wild Night (2017)Logan LarsonF♯3-A4
Yesterday (2019)Matt FreyF3-G4

Baritone, Vol. 1

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Bonnie Blue Eyes (2000)Kenneth FrazelleA♭2-E4
Compensation (2011)Marques L.A. GarrettC3-C4
Dunbar (2021)Joseph D. DanielC♯3-C♯4
The Fox and the Grapes (2020)Maria Thompson CorleyD3-D4
The Giver of Stars (2020)
Austin Hadwick, baritone; Natalie Sherer, piano
Daniel GilliamB2-F4
God Heareth Prayer (2018)Jason BahrB2-E♭4
In August (2017)Rachel Devore FogartyC3-F4
Invitation to Love (2020)Reed CriddleC3-D4
It Was A Lover (2019)M. Ryan TaylorB♭2-E♭4
A Late Walk (2020)Patrick VuB♭2-E♭4
The Lee-Rig (2020)Bruce TrinkleyC3-D4
No Other But Thee (2018)Khyle B. WootenD3-D4
Pizza Paean (2020)Stefania de KenesseyA♭2-D♭4
Plowmen (2019)Carle WirshbaB♭2-D♭4
Prayer at Winter Solstice (2020)Paul SalerniC3-E♭4
Prime (2013)Liam MooreD3-E4
Sleep Little Child (2003)Lori LaitmanC2-E♭4
Trees (2020)Del’Shawn TaylorA2-F4
Troubled Jesus – Crucified (2020)Dave RaglandC3-C4
Your Little Voice (2003)Douglas FiskD3-D4

Baritone, Vol. 2

Title and Year of CompositionComposerRange
Beyond the Stars (2018)Jason BahrC3-D4
A Clear Midnight (2002)David LudwigG2-E♭4
Dark House (2018)Joseph DuboisA♭2-C4
A Decade (2013)Liam MooreA2-G♭4
If you had known (2020)Garth BaxterD3-F4
In Despair (2017)Clint BorzoniB2-E4
L’Ennemi (2020)Reed CriddleB♭2-D4
A Little More Perfect (2015)Evan MackB2-F4
The Prairie Opens Wide (2017)Ben JustisC2-C3
Quilt (2003)David ConteD3-E4
Sigh No More (2019)M. Ryan TaylorC2-F4
Simply Love Them (2009)Andrea ClearfieldE♭3-B♭5 (Tenor)
B♭2-E4 (Bar.)
A Song Left to be Sung (2015)Garrison GerardB♭2-G♭4
Song of Myself (2017)Paula KimperG2-E4
To be Calm, To be Serene (1998, rev. 2020)Sheila SilverB♭2-D4
Two Kinds of Love Songs (2018)Chester BiscardiB2-B3
What We Did Not Know (2014)Scott GendelG2-D4
When Summer Goes (2018)Khyle B. WootenC3-F4
When We Leave (2015)Deanna WehrspannD3-F4
When You are Old (2019)Jeremy BeckG♯2-F♯4