Elevating modern art song in the 21st century

Mission Statement

  • Expand access and availability to music written by living composers for singers of all ages, with a special focus on young singers.
  • Promote the music of all underrepresented communities, including BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and women composers.
  • Provide a site for teachers and singers to find the newest available art songs.
  • Promote the art of song through publishing, commissioning, research, and education.

Why Sing New Music?

New music is exciting. It’s exciting for students, for teachers, for all music lovers who know the feeling of waiting for the new recording from their favorite artist. Classical musicians –especially young musicians – deserve the opportunity to study the songs of today’s composers.

Our Modern Music for New Singers anthologies supports the tenet that music is a living, breathing, ever-changing entity. Art songs have always provided a snapshot, or catalogue, of our days. Every century’s music is defined by its historical events, its political or apolitical fervor, and reflects the heart of its people. Through contemporary composition, today’s singers are able to confront the shifting cultural climates and attitudes of society in their music making. Modern Music for New Singers gives today’s musician a mirror of their world, and future centuries’ singers a window to our lives, when our now becomes their past.

New Offerings

In the Shadow of Your Wings: New Psalm Settings for Female Voice.
Curated by Dr. Delvyn Case, this beautiful new edition is a “must have” for serious church musicians every where.

Individual art songs by the following composers

Garth Baxter

Scott Crowne

Emererson Eads

Elaine Fine

Joseph N. Rubinstein