A Reflection (Soprano)



Rachel Calloway, mezzo-soprano
Kelly Horsted, piano
A Reflection
Jason Kim
When I was a young girl
With fresh blooded cheeks
And hair like stallions
I used to see a girl in a lake.
A beautiful girl
With skin like milk and hair so wild
Yet tamed as if washed in the water.
I would see her at the lake
Swimming alone under the half-hidden moon.
A lake of desires
Of the men and women
Swarming around like bees and watching,
Watching only the girl.
The rest of the world dim
Except around her, and she,
A source of light.
So focused on her was the moon.
I could not keep away from the her,
Wading through slime and moss
To be near, inches away,
Until the water,
Between our bodies
Could be felt so close.
I swam with her
Until I was not young,
And she, too, no longer a girl.
The day that I saw the girl clearly
In the sunlight
She I, and I she,
Together as one, a reflection conjoined.
Now we swim in that very same lake
Desiring one another.
Desiring forever.