Life’s Work




Life’s Work
Melissa Tien

Sun scattered sky.
Rooms shimmering
with memories.
Dreams stealing by
so quietly
they’re histories.
Earth’s gilded route.
Tears plummeting
from happiness.
Joy peering out
through lovers’ eyes
at future joys.
Secrets long-held, now shared.
Fear shuddering, dying
a soundless, simple end.
Newborn first breaths, each spared
past agonies, gaping
with unimpeded awe.
Midnights lived through, roughshod.
Hand carrying, tending
the heavy-weighted heart.
Tilling new ground, though flawed
thoughts ruin us, turning
our efforts into sand.
Imperfections in the marble.
First breathless dreamful exchanges
between lovers, makers, soldiers.
Disappointments by the jarful
each spoiled summer ambition
Sours slowly, turning potent
Keeping clean and limber spirits.
Deep sorrows, longings that linger
Pooling past and future where it’s
life’s work to locate the mystery
of the current whirring moment.