Modern Music for New Singers: Soprano Vol. 2


Modern Music for New Singers: Soprano 2

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Scores are sold as PDF downloads, and will contain a small watermark with your name and date of purchase on each page.

Each anthology features:

  • 20 songs written for the advanced undergraduate and graduate level soprano voice
  • Song Text, IPA for foreign language songs, and select program notes by the composers
  • Song ranges
  • Composer information

Click on any song that has a link to hear a recording. New recordings are being added all the time so be sure to check back often! Clicking on the composers name will take you to the composer’s website.

Soprano, Vol. 2

Title and Year of Composition Composer Range
Air Castles (2018) Michael McAndrew C4-A5
Barter (2018) Clint Borzoni C4-B♭5
A bird came down the walk (2007) Jay Vosk C♯4-B5
Bird of Light (2019) Liam Moore B3-B5
Bright Star (2018) Lucy Shirley D3-D4
February: Remembering Summer (2020) Joseph Rubinstein C♯4-A5
For All the Saints (2020) Delvyn Case F♯4-A♭5
For Love is Life (2008) Lee Kesselman C4-F5
Ghost Light (2019) Nicolas Benavides B♭4-A♭5
In a Goolagong Bog (2017) Judith Cloud F♯4-F5
Mondnacht (2013) Kurt Erickson B3-G5
Mourning Dove (2015) Andrew List D♯4-A5
Night Song at Amalfi (2005) Dawn Sonntag E4-A5
O she doth teach the torches to burn bright (2011) Sheila Silver C4-G5
The Singer from Wisconsin (2020) Meg Huskin C4-A5
Sleeping River (2004) Dorothy Chang C4-A5
Song in Air (2020) Jodi Goble C4-A5
Taste of Potato (2019) Paul Salerni F4-A5
The Tide Rises, The Tide Falls (2006) Jean-Paul Perrotte F4-G5
When You Are Old (2015) Emerson Eads B♭4-G5

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