How to Believe in Magic (High Voice)


How to Believe in Magic (High)

The songs in “How To Believe In Magic” were written to be approachable, accessible, and meaningful to young singers and pianists. I wrote them in consultation with multiple voice teachers who work with high school & college-aged musicians and they’re designed for potential use as (sometimes challenging) teaching pieces in those contexts. But these songs are also designed to be expressive, emotionally resonant, and deeply felt in a way that connects with musicians of any experience level! In the same way that, for example, some Schubert & Fauré songs are often assigned to young singers but also adored by musicians of all stripes, these songs seek to be approachable & moving to students and professionals alike. “How To Believe In Magic” is effective as a song cycle, performed from beginning to end, but also each song stands well on its own, and you have the composer’s blessing to perform them as single songs, as part of a different set, or in any way you please. Other transpositions of these songs are available upon request. Just ask, I promise I’ll be nice. (