Modern Music for New Singers: Soprano Vol. 1


Modern Music for New Singers: Soprano Vol. 1


Scores are sold as PDF downloads, and will contain a small watermark with your name and date of purchase on each page.

Each anthology features:

  • 20 songs written for the young Soprano
  • Song Text and select program notes by the composers
  • Song ranges
  • Composer information

Recordings by age-appropriate voices for all Volume 1 songs are constantly being updated. It is important for developing singers to hear repertoire sung by young singers to help them learn and embrace their own voice without trying to emulate the voices of professional singers.

Click on any song that has a link to hear a recording. New recordings are being added all the time so be sure to check back often! Clicking on the composers name will take you to the composer’s website.

Soprano, Vol. 1

Title and Year of Composition Composer Range
A Birthday (2016) Kari Cruver Medina C4-G5
Dreams (2020) Logan Vranković E4-G5
Eight O’Clock (2018) Stephen Jackson E4-G5
Faces (2020) Karen Wemhoener C4-G5
Flirt (2020) Garth Baxter C4-F5
I Had a Dove (2018) Lucy Shirley B3-F5
I Thought I Was Not Alone (2016) Elyse Kahler D4-E5
I wrote his name along the beach (2008) Richard Pearson Thomas E4-F♯5
I’ll Tell you how the Sun rose (2007) Jay Vosk C♯4-B5
In Vain (2017) Scott Gendel D4-F♯5
Joy (2006) Dawn Sonntag D4-G5
Love is (2014) Emerson Eads C4-F5
Make Me a Picture of the Sun (2015) Michael Kropf C4-G5
The Milky Way (1996) David Conte C4-G5
My Dear (2020) Franklin Hansen C4-G5
Rocker (2018) Paul Salerni E4-A5
Sea Shell (2020) Erik Franklin F4-G5
When You Are Old (2017) Lori Laitman D♭4-A♭5
Where the Lilies Come (2018) Hayley Turner B3-G5
Yes, I’m truly a dunce (2018) Seamus Flynn B3-F5


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